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In the last days of two-thousand and twenty, Downtown Weekly accepted an invitation to visit and interview the underworld Goth artist known as Fhedesh.

Once inside, we found ourselves surrounded by the darkness of a colossal space. From end to end, we toured a series of themed sections adorned with vintage collectibles, dark fabrics, handcrafted tables, and tufted sofas and chairs.

The dark arts were evident; complete with pentagrams, melted wax-covered skulls, ironworks, a pair of 6ft glowing upside-down crosses, and what looked to be an empty blood-stained porcelain bathtub.

Peculiarly interested, we gingerly explored several positions upon leather-strapped BDSM mechanisms.

Shortly after, we involved ourselves by stepping inside a fully built Catholic confessional upon which we had no problem avowing some dark secrets of our own.

As if drawn to Fhedesh like a magnet, we found the artist to be as alluring as he was talented. At one point we joined him side by side while he commanded the keys of his vintage piano.

There under the flickering shadow of candlelight, we began to notice, Fhedesh had grown fangs.

Wake Up! It’s a Bloodbath.

Fhedesh is an American dark frequency artist and producer based in DTLA. His industrial trap sound and experimental visuals, inspired by elements of vampirism, provide a musical backdrop that inspires the freedom to bend and not only break, but demolish the rules. Talented musician turned vampire, Fhedesh is an artist in his own caliber.

Fhedesh’s music explores facets of an underground lifestyle, one that embraces unapologetic creative exploration. He emerged on the scene of late night DTLA after packing out after hours parties in warehouses across Southern California and has since established himself as an artist.

His sound evokes the desire to welcome darkness rather than run from it, as Fhedesh explores concepts of immorality, sexuality, mystery, and luxury in ways no other local artist has.

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Updated: Jul 12, 2021







Live Performances by:

ARRGENT The Pirate Gentleman (Shibari Rope Play) & YOGASM THE YIN MASTER.

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